या दोन पठ्ठ्यांनी स्कीईंग करत 87 दिवसात पार केला आर्कटिक महासागर


मूळ दक्षिण आफ्रिकेचे असलेले 53 वर्षीय माइक हॉर्न आणि नॉर्वेचे असलेले 57 वर्षीय बोर्ज ऑसलँड यांनी स्कीईंगद्वारे यशस्वीरित्या आर्कटिक महासागर पार केला आहे. दोघांना 25 ऑगस्टला अलास्काजवळ एका बोटीच्या मदतीने सोडण्यात आले होते.

12 डिसेंबरला दोघांनी या प्रवासास सुरूवात केली. त्यांच्या जवळ सामानाने भरलेली एक स्लेज गाडी होती, जी त्यांनाच ओढायची होती. आपल्या या प्रवासात त्यांना थंडी, खाण्याची कमतरता आणि ग्लोबल वॉर्मिंगमुळे पातळ झालेली बर्फाची चादर या गोष्टींचा सामना करावा लागला.

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Expedition Update 46: Looks like the Arctic just doesn’t want to let us go! We’ve been on Lance for two days now trying to backtrack our way out of the ice to meet up with Pangaea, but we are completely stuck. Although inconvenient, this isn’t an unusual occurrence in the Arctic ocean. Since Lance has been waiting for us in the ice, almost immobile, for over a week now, the lead it had opened up behind them, closed in now making it more difficult for us to navigate back out. At this stage, we are not too worried about staying stuck, even though I am really looking forward to meeting up with my crew on Pangaea. As the ice moves quickly and constantly in the Arctic, I am confident that with this team of experts onboard, that we will get out of here in no time. If by Friday, we haven’t moved yet, a storm is predicted to come in, which I am sure will help us maneuver our way out of the ice. In the meantime @BorgeOusland and I are still resting and recuperating as haven’t quite fully transitioned back to “the real world” yet. In my many years of exploration, the end of adventures are always a bit strange and difficult to deal with. It takes time to switch from survival mode to a mode where one can be entirely relaxed again. That being said, for explorers like Borge and I, something we manage quite well is our ability to adapt. So in a matter of days, I am sure that we should be back on track and ready to look back at the incredible experience we just lived and share our story with the world. . 📸 @etienneclaret

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या अभियानाचे प्रवक्ता लार्स एबसेन यांच्यानुसार, या दोघांनी 27 ऑक्टोंबरला उत्तर ध्रुव पार केला. दोघांनी प्रवास यशस्वीरित्या पुर्ण करत लॉस आयसब्रेकर शिपपर्यंत पोहचले.

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Expedition Update 45: We made it!!! We made it to Lance with our last day of food ration. It was an amazing arrival! From far we could see the lights of Lance and as we were skiing towards it, the lights got bigger and bigger and eventually we just stepped off the ice and onto it boat and the rest was history! The last 12 km were tough, we were doing about 2-3km/hour. We were really moving at a slow pace but remaining constant. Eventually when we managed to get onto boat, and all of a sudden we felt totally relaxed. We were welcomed with a great meal of spinach soup, steak and chocolate fondant and ice cream. Just an amazing welcome! We are feeling exhausted and very tired mentally and physically right now. But as we stepped onto the boat, our bodies could switch off survival mode and we were relieved of all stress. After eating we took a long shower and the hot water against our skin felt incredible! We are now going to sleep well and rest while we make our way back to Norway. As for Lance, we are currently stuck in the ice but trying to make our way out of it! And once we get out, we will be heading south and meeting up with Pangaea in a matter of days! photo: Jørgen Braastad/copyright VG» #vgnett #paneraiheroes #MB #swiza #crosscall #speedcast

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लार्स एबसेन यांनी सांगितले की, दोघेही आधीच्या तुलनेत आता अधिक चांगले आहेत व आराम करत आहेत. या प्रवास नोव्हेंबर महिन्यातच पुर्ण होणार होता, मात्र याला पुर्ण करण्यासाठी 87 दिवस लागले. या प्रवासाच्या अंतिम आठवड्यात दोघांजवळील जेवण पुर्णपणे संपले होते.

या प्रवासा दरम्यान दोघांनी दररोज 15 किमी चालण्याचे लक्ष्य ठेवले होते, जे सुरूवातीला योग्यरित्या पार पडले. त्यांना वाटत होते की 10-12 दिवस आधीच आर्कटिक पार होईल. मात्र वेगवान वाऱ्यामुळे अनेक अडचणी आल्या व ते दिवसाला 3 ते 5 किमीच चालत असे.

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